Newline Transport | Site Deliveries
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Site Deliveries

We have various services available to cater for everyone’s needs.  One of our services is our site delivery service.  We specialise in this field as all our trucks are fitted with the necessary equipment to complete the job ahead with ease. We have all-terrain forklift trucks and crane trucks that operate throughout the Sydney metro area on a daily basis. With this service available to our customers, we can help you and your customers to make the last job the easiest “The Delivery”.

With our all-terrain forklift service, we can deliver out to your customer’s premises and place the pallets straight into their garage.  If you have a customer who has a difficult or inaccessible property, such as a set of stairs leading to the garden path, we can offer our crane truck service.  With this truck, we can deliver to a difficult block or simply to a customer who would like the goods placed on the nature strip.


Your customer can also specify what day they would like their delivery and we will call your customer to advise them what time they will be receiving their goods.


With our trucks fitted with the cranes and forklifts, we can place the goods delivered wherever the customer requires.  If your customer wants the pallets put in the garage, all they need to do is open the garage door and our driver and forklift will do the rest.  Although the all-terrain forklifts that we use are quite tall and wide, at 2.4m wide and 2.3m high, this does not interfere with their ability to place the pallet into the garage. The driver simply drives up the driveway to the garage and using the telescopic beam, he can extend the forks into the garage by over 1.3 metres.


The forklifts also have a lift height of three metres into the air, capable of lifting the pallets onto such things like retaining walls.


We have been specialising in the tile delivery industry for many years now and have built up our fleet to service the needs of our customers.


We have forklift trucks from 12 tonne all the way up to 23 tonne. Therefore, no job is too big or too small for our team of expert drivers to service our customers’ needs.  To sum it all up, our fleet consists of 20 vehicles to service the daily demand of the industry for which we cater.

Specialises in Transport for the Building Industry